Overdose [중독.中毒]


15/many Gorgeous Minseok @ Exo Showtime Episode 10

{140406} SWC III In Chile - 321 (Korean ver).

Let’s Love !

happy 2nd anniversary to this lovely group of 12 idiotic boys ;; this past year has been amazing to see you come so far since the mama era when you guys were just little bbs ♡♡ i still cannot believe you guys only debuted 2 years ago it seems like i’ve loved you forever and your popularity is now crazy amazingg ;; you have won soooo many awards and achieved so many impossible things and i hope you will continue to do so and break as many records as you can. i’m so proud of you all for working hard and putting everything into exo. i just want to thank you bbs for coming into my life and for just … existing ;a; 엑소 사랑하자! [140407]

Shake that ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ